Culture and breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a biocultural phenomenon of humanity by which people convey love, nourishment and wisdom from generation to generation.

It is a mixture of instinct and culture and, thus, has attracted artists and craftmen from immemorial times to the present day. In the past 150 years, more or less regurlarly, as fashions and the value placed on breastfeeding in each society, advertining, philately and photography have reflected the issue numerous times. Films, Humour and even music have not been immune to this phenomenon and, incredibly, coins, banknotes and medals have come to reflect breastfeeding on occasion.



We present TELASMOS, Museum of Breastfeeding. We invite you to view images of breasfeeding in many factes of human art and industry.

In the various rooms, arranged in sections, you can also enjoy beautiful images of breastfeeding accompained by a car with a short caption.

The meaning

"TELASMOS", in Greek "Breastfeeding", with its prefix "Telas" --the "nipple"- and, through it, the feminine, it comes to speak of this ancient art of breastfeeding, be it our excuse to honor all women of the world that have nursed. To them we dedicate this Museum.

To access TELASMOS, click on any image or here.

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