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LACTATION is an application for smartphones and tablets for moms and health professionals  to get information about breastfeeding compatibility with:

- Medical prescriptions

- Environment contaminants

- Diseases

- Herbal substances

It is the only app available in the market that gives you a rated risk associated to breastfeeding.


LACTATION offers information about more than 1,600 products. This information is shown with scientific rigor and is endorsed by Pediatric Service staff of Hospital de Denia (Spain). You don't need to have medical skills to use LACTATION because it shows you the information in a clear and easy to understand way:

LACTATION is offered in two versions: mom, designed for domestic use with a simple interface with clear and easy-to-understand information, and doctor, for professionals, offering the ability to search by product and access to the phamacokinetic information of the products.

We also offer a free trial for 7 days, Lactation lite, with the same feautres offered by LACTATION mom.


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