Medication and Breastfeeding

Medication and Breastfeeding


LACTATION is an application for smartphones and tablets for moms and health professionals  to get information about breastfeeding compatibility with:

- Medical prescriptions

- Environment contaminants

- Diseases

- Herbal substances

It is the only app available in the market that gives you a rated risk associated to breastfeeding.


e-lactancia is a tool that allows you to know about the compatibility of breastfeeding with regard to more than 1,600 products.



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  • Of the morning after pill and other contraceptives

    A common  query that we answer quite often in the mail from  www.e-lactancia.org is whether you can use the "emergency pill" after unproctected intercourse or failure of it.

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  • Hair and breastfeeding

    Many nursing mothers wonder issues concerning their hair, be it because they  believe that they are losing (alopecia) or wanting to dye it or waxing and they do not know if they can do it while breastfeeding.

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  • Depression, antidepressants, anxiolytics and breastfeeding

    Maternal depression, especially postpartum –which for some authors is the one that may happend in the first month after birth but, due to the difficulty of clearly recongnize it is admitted to happend up to the first 6 months-, is a relatively common disorder that can affect 10-15% of women who have given birth and especially if they are teenagers. Thyroid disorders can mimic depression, so the doctor usually tries to assess the the thyroid function with tests before diagnosing depression.

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Institutional Support of Breastfeeding: the international code of marketing of breast milk substitutes

Objetives: To present the legal system to protect breastfeeding that has been developed from international and national institutions due to the decrease of its practice throughout the twentieth century. One of the most important was the adoption in 1981 of the international code of marketing of breast milk substitutes.


Breastfeeding is a biocultural phenomenon of humanity by which people convey love, nourishment and wisdom from generation to generation.

It is a mixture of instinct and culture and, thus, has attracted artists and craftmen from immemorial times to the present day. In the past 150 years, more or less regurlarly, as fashions and the value placed on breastfeeding in each society, advertining, philately and photography have reflected the issue numerous times. Films, Humour and even music have not been immune to this phenomenon and, incredibly, coins, banknotes and medals have come to reflect breastfeeding on occasion.