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APILAM is an altruistic association of sanitary scientific and cultural nature, which aims at health promotion, both personal and communal, promoting healthy lifestyles and paying particular attention to maternal and child health, with special focus on breastfeeding.

Is was created in Valencia (Spain) in May 2012 by four health professionals: José María Paricio Talayero, Marta Sánchez Palomares, Leonardo Landa Rivera and Christine Burtin Ollier.

A team of entrepreneurs, specialists in various fields of knowledge, join as founding members entrusted with specific tasks: Yasmin Paricio Burtin, David Paricio Burtin, Silvia Romero Català, Helena Paricio de Castro, Isabel Pérez Cebeira, María Isabel Landa Pérez and Javier Vicente Robledo.


Foster activities related to the promotion and awareness of breastfeeding, from a scientific and cultural point of view:

1. Generate, review and guard scientifically validated knowledge about breastfeeding, especially these related to its compatibility with taking medication and other products for nursing mothers.

2. Review and enhance the cultural aspects of breastfeeding.

3. Promote breastfeeding as a healthy way of life, making it easier for women who whish to achieve it. For this it is necessary to:

a. Disseminate among health professionals the scientific and and cultural aspects investigated.

b.  Disseminate in our society these same issues, claiming their values and their own image.

c.  Advice to women who request it.

d.  Counseling professionals upon request.

e. Promote and foster friendly delivery and nursing from the moment of birth.

f.  Support conciliatory policies of work and family life.


1.  Maintain the  www.e-lactancia.org database on breastfeeding compatibility with medical prescriptions, alternative products and toxic diseases. 

2.  Collaborate with professionals, individuals and associations related to the promotion and support of breastfeeding which contribute to the knowledge and promotion of breastfeeding.

3.  Promote and collaborate in research, dissemination and application of scientific advances related to the field of breastfeeding and promote its technical development.

4.  Maintain relationships with official and scientific entities with related or complementary objectives.

5.  Conduct dissemination activities in the general population about respectful nursing and breastfeedind.

6.  Maintain the www.telasmos.org database as a virtual museum of cultural aspects of breastfeeding in every aspect.

7.  Create a Cultural and Nursing Studies Center that is a cultural museum and a study center where you can enjoy both the contemplation of artworks as well as allow accredited researchers to query a physical and virtual library.


Pediatrician trained in the  Hospital La Fe in Valencia, MD (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and M.sC in Health Sciences Statistics  (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), has collaborated with the Ministry of Health in the Health Observatory of Women and  colaborado con el Ministerio de Sanidad en el O Practice Guideline of Clinical Care about normal birth. Member fo the  Breasfeeding Committee of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, has published 47 papers in national and international journals, 14 book chapters and more than 300 oral comunications in conferences and meetings of the speciality.

He has been Head of Service in the Marina Alta Hospital (Alicante) for 20 years, where he and his team achieved the BFHI accredication othe the WHO/UNICEF in 1.999. He currently works in the Hospital of Alcoy.

Dedicated to the promotion, protection and dissemination of breastfeeding and healthy and loving lifestyles, he gives talks and teaches in lectures, masters and presentations for professionals, students and support groups throughout the Spanish geography and several neighboring countries.

Founder in 2000 of the page on compatibility of medical prescriptions and other products with breastfeeding, www.e-lactancia.org and, in 2003 of the page on art and culture of breastfeeding www.telasmos.org

Within Apilam he is the President and has the responsibility for coordinating its activities.



Leonardo Landa Rivera is pediatrician, studied at the University of Barcelona, and is member of the Breastfeeding Committee of the Spanish Association of Pediatrichs. He currently works in the Hospital Marina Baixa de Villajoyosa Alicante. Dedicated to the promotion of breastfeeding since 1983, has given direct support to mothers who have required help to move forward with their plans of breastfeeding.

Firmly convinced of the advantages of upbringinge from the proximity, he advocates policies that prevent the separation of children from their parents, both within the hospital and in the home environment.

He has worked as a research associate in breastfeeding studies with the Department of Nutrition at the University of California Davis. He also worked in the same direction with the Pediatrics Service at Hospital Marina Alta.

He is responsible for the English version of the page on medications and breastfeeding  http://www.e-lactancia.org/ingles/inicio.asp

Within Apilam holds the position of vice-president and shares with its members the support to any mother who wants to breastfeed.


Marta Sánchez Palomares is a Pediatrician formed in the Hospital La Fe de Valencia. After completing her training, she moved to the region of La Marina Alta where she took roots. She joined the Pediatrics Service of Hospital  Marina Alta de Dénia, where she had the privilege of sharing work and keep learning from her peers. With them has grown as professional and as person. Toghether they earned the BFHI accreditaiton in the year 1999.

Since then, she has been working on the promotion of breastfeeding and the support and assistance to mothers who have decided to breastfeed. She believes in the power and natural role of family and mothers in particular, in upbringing healthy children and, above all, in the care of them when they are sick.

Since 2012 she works in the Health Center of Gata de Gorgos, beside wise mothers who share her childcare. She is a member of the Breastfeeding Committee of the Health Area 13 at the Valencian Community.

Within Apilam, she holds the position of treasurer, deals with answering questions about breastfeeding and gives support to the mothers and professionals that request advice at  www.e-lactancia.org.


Mother of four breastfed children and nurse. For more than 30 years she has done volunteer work for the promotion of breastfeeding and has help mothers who wanted to breastfeed. Instructor of the International League of Milk for over 10 years, and former executive director of a maternal preparation Center for pregnant women.

A defender of a respectful midwifery model that complies with the principles recommended by the WHO as the ideal platform for the initiation of a successful breastfeeding, she was able to experience birth with minimum intervention following the Mayan cultural tradition after several years of living in Central America.

She gives advice and support to the mothers of the Marina Alta region.


Javier Vicente Robledo is Doctor in Computer Science from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV). He is currently working as Scientific Project Officer in Image Analysis Ltd, a London-based start-up specialized in advanced medical image analysis for research studies and clinical trials.

In Apilam, Javier is responsible for the design and implementation of the APILAM Web, as well as e-lactancia. He is also responsible of the Android version of Lactation and is currently working in new functionalities for e-lactancia.

He shares the dissemination spirit of the members of APILM. He is the author of the dissemination science blog con los ocho sentidos and a passionate of social networks.

You can find more information of Javier on his personal website:




Silvia Romero Català (Gandía, 1980) has a degree in Physical Therapy from the Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche.

She has worked in various rehabilitation clinics and day centers, combining with the graduate course "Expert in physiotherapy in childhood neurological disorders" by the University Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid.

Silvia is proud to have worked as a physiotherapist on the "Cerebral Palsy Association of the Red Cross" of Valencia and the "Parkinson Association of Gandia - La Safor" in Gandía (Valencia).

Silvia currently works as full-time mother after being fired from her job after returning from her maternity leave for the care of her daughter.

Silvia is a strong advocate of breastfeedin, enjoys it every day with her daughter Elsa and assists the “Breastfeeding Workshop” from the Health Center Benimamet (Valencia) where a magic network of women who give and receive support has been created.

Within Apilam, Silvia tries to give support and share experiences with parents related to attachment parenting.


David Paricio Burtin (Valencia, 1980) is the father of Elsa and has a digree in Comunication Studies from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Throughout his college career at Madrid combines his studies working on several short films and films as assistant director. During this period he directed the documentary “El proyecto Manhattan” (2003), being a finalist in the 3rd National Video Contest of  Sant Joan d’ Alacant 2003 (Alicante).

After graduation began working in television as Assistant Dirctor on numerous series and movies for the Balearic regional channel (IB3) and Valencian channel (Canal 9), thus returning to his native Valencia.

Currently he is working as Assistant Director in the successful TV show “Cuéntame cómo pasó” by TVE.

Within Apilam, David is responsible for processing, editing and quality control of images, videos and audios that you can find on the Web.

He is convinced of the benefits of breastfeeding, a fact that has been proven since her daughter became engaged to her mother's breast.

You can find more information about David Paricio on the IMDb movie database.


Helena Paricio de Castro has a degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

Helena is coauthor of the book and documentary "El Calafell de les dones. Memòria oral de la Guerra civil i la postguerra" (2007) as a result of the research project "The women role in the rural and fishing environment during the Civil War and the postwar period: The Calafell case".

Currently she is working in the Valencian Museum of Ethnology, enjoying a fellowship in  Arxiu de Memòria Oral Valenciana, where she already collaborated on the project Pràctiques i representacions socioculturals sobre el naixement.

She also takes part of the cultural cooperative Ideari, which manages the Museu Arqueològic de Gandia, she is member of its dissemination and education team and is curator of the exhibition "Fibres. La natura teixida".

Within Apilam Helena collaborates in the development of the breastfeeding museum  www.telasmos.org and is convinced of the importance of promoting breastfeeding both for its healh, social and cultural implications.


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